**Due to the current situation we unfortunately will have to cancel our October Trip to Barcelona and move it to spring next year. The dates will be announced in time on our website as well as our social channels.
For everyone who is in the area before then make sure to check out the Aborigens website for current events and happenings. They will make sure you have an unforgettable time with delicious foods and drinks!
To get an idea of next years travel read below how it was set up for this October**

Earlier this year I was asked by *Aborígens*, a young, fun, and successful food tour organizer in Barcelona whether I would be interested in organizing a cheese-related trip together.    I mean – yeah, of course!

Knowing that great things should be acted on immediately, in February I flew down to Barcelona and met up with Cesc and Alex, the masterminds behind Aborigens, to fix the route and date – naturally while tasting some wonderful Spanish cheeses and wine.

The outcome is a tour tailored to the origins of Catalan food culture, taking us to traditional taverns, into the heart of a winery, and (most importantly) will let us taste many cheeses and meet with cheesemakers and gourmet professionals.

For more infos and to book the trip simply click here–


If  you have any questions just drop me a line under info@formaggiastic.com and I hope to see you in October!


For more infos and to book the trip simply click here! –


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