Sometimes just the memory of smelling, squeezing and eating a cheese fills our heart with sheer joy.

On the table: a memory snapshot of “Guerriero Piceno”, a co-production of @fontegranne and @strekoza_cheese.

marche picenoYoung, coagulated only through lactic acid, and made of raw cow´s milk – this cheese from Italy´s Marche region is wrapped in fig leaves that were left to macerate in the local pecorino grape wine. That process gives the cheese a wonderful acidic touch.

marche picenoUnder the shielding leaves, a thin, elastic skin protects the miniscule grains of a creamy and fun.sticky paste.
On the nose you find sweet&hearty notes while the flavors are liltingly jumping like a young cow that wears a fig leaf to prom night.

Gustav rates our leafy pal a 13/10 for its fresh, acidic lightness and says he wishes there would be a wolf-sized version so he could tuck himself in for a sweet lullabye.

We combined our leafy friend with an Austrian Orange Wine by Nestorwine from the Burgenland that almost professionally tickled out the prickly heart of even the smallest creamy pearls.

marche picenomarche piceno


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