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Lucerne – there´s cheese not only on the famous cheese market!

Chäs Barmettler

Chäs Barmettler – is one of the two cheese speciality stores in Lucerne and has been successfully around since 1972. Now, the second generation is running the store with great passion and they make sure that you will find your swiss delight. Don´t miss out to try their cheesecake as it is a true yumm-yumm.
If you should be in Lucerne a little longer and have your own place you can rent fondue or raclette equipment and make the swiss-speciality in your own 4 walls!  To be found on Hertensteinstrasse 2 near the Löwendenkmal and open from Monday through Saturday all day long.   [googlemaps]

Chäs Chäller

The speciality store Chäs Chäller – the swiss german for Käse Keller or Cheese Cellar in english – is younger than a lot of the cheeses on sale. It was opened in November 2017 by Roland Lobsiger, who 3 years prior to the opening managed to get his hands on the basement of a former dairy company where he  ripes cheeses and  – as a fun excursion for you – also does tours and tastings. On offer are hand-picked delicacies from Switzerland as well as cheeses from France, Italy and England. The only sad thing is that the store is open only Thursday – Friday from 11:30am-1:30Pm and from 4pm-6:30pm and on Saturdays from 10am-4pm.
-but guarding cheese takes time and it´s probably better for our wallet.
To be found near the trainstation on Hirschmattstrasse 28.   [googlemaps]

it might not be the capital of Switzerland but you can sure find some capital cheese!

Chäs Vreneli

Being around for decades, when thinking of cheese in Zurich, one automatically thinks of            Chäs Vreneli . Over the years the once little store developed in a cooperation and now besides selling cheese that tickle your phantasy also packages and ships worldwide. The more than competent staff is always happy to answer all your questions and help you find your desired buddy of the day. Almost naturally tjhe store also offers delicious bread, mostards and sandwiches to go.
 The store on Münsterhof 7, close to Paradeplatz is open Monday through Saturday all day long.


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