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Munich  – city of beer and all things pig also has a vibrant cheese scene!

Der Käseabt

The cheese selling company Käse Abt , founded in 1976 and run by the maître fromager and chairman of the Guilde Internationale des Fromagers [http://www.guildedesfromagers.fr/] Günter Abt, has a wide range of regional delicacies and a well sorted selection of international cheeses.
In Munich they have two permanent shops – one in Schwabing and one at the Viktualienmarkt in Pasing.  [googlemaps]

Die Käsemaus

In this case there is no reason to be scared of the mice. The Käsemaus (cheesemouse) doesn´t steal your cheeses, but instead welcomes you to a range of over 100 different kinds that you can all take home. Other than cheese, Käsemaus also offers antipasti, wine and desserts. There is no website, but the opening hours are the regular. You will find the store on Schulerstrasse 23 district of Neuhausen near the S-Bahn station of Donnersbergerbrücke [googlemaps]

Tölzer Kasladen

The Tölzer Kasladen has it´s headquarter in Bad Heilbrunn, near Bad Tölz and a very nice shop at the Viktualienmarkt in the heart of Munich. Altogether there are 8 shops and franchise shops in Bavaria, as well as 8 selling points in Germany and one in Salzburg, Austria.
But the Tölzer Kasladen is far more than a shop for cheese. 200 cheeses from 10 countries, all of them by hand-selected producers and ripened to perfection in the house-intern ripening rooms.
Susanne Bergmann, whose father was a well known german affineur runs this business together with her brother. With a little luck one can meet her personally in her store Stand #11 at the Viktualienmarkt and maybe she just recently discovered a new goodie she will be pleased to share her secret about.[googlemaps]

Le chalet du fromage

Le chalet du fromage can be found at the Elisabethmarkt – named after the Empress Elisabeth of Bavaria, better known as Kaiserin Sisi of Austria – only a few minutes away from the subway station Giselastrasse in the heart of the charming district of Schwabing. It has been around since 1977 and the friendly staff is always there to consult you on your pick of the day. [googlemaps]


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