Are you also a cheese lover and constantly going to your lactose-tolerance limit?
Formaggiastic! Welcome to the family!






I am Isabella, a Vienna-based architect and cheese-blogger, and since recently also a Souvenir Specialty Shop owner in Vienna´s 3rd district.
In fall of 2018 I passed the exam to the European Cheese Expert and since 2021 am also an ONAF certified assaggiatore di formaggio 1°livello. 

To my left by the way, that´s Gustav – he´s my tasting team. Together with him I read, taste, interview and travel through Europe and the world always in the hunt for new and old cheesy friends and my page is here to share our adventures with you.

Cheese, its production and trade is strongly interwoven with the history of mankind, animals and landscape. Its sheer endless tactile, visual as well as scental and gustatory variety mirrors the efforts of thousands of cheese makers from ancient times up to now and lets me learn and discover something new every day.





“Thinking cheese” is our motto and we would love for you to join us and make the world a little more formaggiastic!