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you don´t have to be surrounded by mountains to get your hands on great cheese!
The capital of Germany is famous for many things – architecture, museums, a thriving night life and an easy going life style. But not everyone knows that it also deep dives into cheese and even hosts an anual cheese fair – Cheese Berlin. If you are in the city you might want to check out some of these places feed the cheese greed in you.


What “Dallmayr” and “Käfer” is to Munich, the KaDeWe and the Gallery Lafayette is to Berlin.
But  when it comes down to assorted shopping, Berlin once more proves to be the capital of Germany. The KaDeWe Kaufhaus , which when visiting Berlin is a must anyways has 4 different cheese bars and offers, depending on the season, up to 1.300! different cheeses. [googlemaps]

La Käserie

Founded in 2012,La Käserie in the Prenzlauerberg area is one of the youngsters of the Berlin cheese scene. The cheesemongers offer about 80 different kinds of cheese by hand-selected producers which you can also enjoy at the bar or in the outdoor seating area. For those who don´t have all equipment cheese, the store offers a free rental on cheesefondue and raclette sets when buying the necessary cheeses at La Käserie. [googlemaps]


Being around the Berlin cheese scene for over 20 years,Knippenbergs can be found at their  two permanent market shops in the Markthalle Tegelcenter of Berlin-Tegel and  in the Marheineke Markthalle of Berlin-Kreuzberg, as well as at 7 weekly markets throughout Berlin. The company puts its heart in all things cheese putting a focus on organic farming. [googlemaps]

Markthalle Neun

Markthalle Neun

Markthalle Neun , a market hall in Berlin Kreuzberg has not just one place where you can get cheese. Currently there are 4!  *Alte Milch* Knippenberg offsprin Matthias Becker runs Alte Milch with passion and an eye for the special.- *Loki* not only offers cheese but provides you with selected specialities from Germany’s north, *Menze* stands for cheese and salumi from Austria and last but not least we have *Salumeria Italiana* that offers everything that padrone Andrea Torino thinks of when thinking of Italy. [googlemaps]

Maître Philippe & Filles

Maitre Philippe&Fillesin Berin-Wilmersdorf was founded in 1994 and specialized in french cheese and wine, and all of the about 50 cheeses on offer are from small, hand-picked farmers who work seasonal. The store also flirts with other delicacies like fun-canned sardines and all kinds of other  nice to eat and drink with your cheese things . [googlemaps]


Peppikäse is a small, fine store that specialized in Austrian and swiss cheese and the credo of the owner Georg Weishäupl is no other than slowfood is a human right. Need more reasons to go and check-out? – The alpine cheeses can be found at Peppis Käselager in Berlin, Neukölln, as well as at several Berlin markets. [googlemaps]


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