Since cold November days started recently and travels and your Christmas break still seem far away, we at formaggiastic today decided to feature some cheeses you should be able to find in most major cities and still have a product full of flavor, quality and fun.  – Today’s table companion: * Corsu Vecchiu *

As the name implies * Corsu Vecchiu * is a proud offspring of Frances island Corsica, where Lucciana based Société Fromagère Corse collects the raw sheep milk material from about 80 shepards and breeders from all 5 regions of “Haute Corse” (Balagne, Cap Corse, Cortenais, Nebbiu and the eastern plain).

Corsu Vecchiu

*Corsu Vecchiu*, Tomme style, uncooked and pressed is a true delicacy of pasteurized sheep’s milk and will definitely manage to brighten up your day like the ocean’s breeze on a light summer evening.

corsu sheep
Corsu Vecchiu
His sparkly acidity and soft&crumbly melt makes 5 months+ *Corsu Vecchiu* a lively match for a sunny late-winter afternoon, on which he will eagerly offer you salty notes of caramel and island grass behind his tangy rind.
 *Corsu Vecchiu* can be paired with everything from Speck to Jam and Red Wine to Champagne. 🍖🥫🍷🍾🥂
Gustav who rates 12/10 says – “don’t miss out on the rind , it gives *Corsu Vecchiu* a wonderful flavor twist of barn and smelly hooves” 🐾🐺 –  Ok, Gustav – again..thank´s for that.🙈😂

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