Also want some cheese for your Sunday afternoon coffeeklatsch but are surrounded by grannies who clamor for sweets and desert? Then goats milk *Chèvre Coeur Gourmand Marrons* by fromagerie Chêne Vert should be your pick of the day.

Saint-Front-sur-Nizonne in the heart of the Dordogne might not be a famous hot spot when traveling through southwestern France but the little commune is home to the Desport family and their  *Fromagerie Chêne Vert* and therefor always worth a stop.

Unfortunately most of us, instead of traveling in person, have to travel in our heads. Lucky us we have the internet and tireless tasting teams like Gustav who bring the world into our homes and tasty cheeses onto our tables.

Todays excursion brings us to “La Fromagerie Chêne Vert” whose main focus lies in producing artisanal goat’s milk cheeses and has sounding names like “Sainte Maure” or “Chabis Blanc” in their repertoire.
At some point in the family history the Desports decided to stop raising their own goats and purely focus on the production of cheese. That’s when they started to collect milk from carefully selected farmers nearby, making sure the travel of the milk is short and the loss in quality reduced to a minimum.

The focus lies on the quality of milk and the well-being of animals and terrain and since 2015 “Chêne Vert” officially runs products under the BIO Label, producing and selling cheeses that have not encountered GMOs.


The milk used for our  table companion is obtained from two different breeds of goats; the brown alpine “Chamoisée” and the white “Saanen”.
To keep the cheese’s sour cream like structure it is carefully ladle-molded, following the ancient and laborious traditions of fresh goat cheese production.

Chestnut filled *Chèvre Coeur Gourmand Marrons*  is part of a larger family of “fresh goats with a melty heart”. – Depending on the season you can eg. also find fig, apricot and strawberry filled ones and from what we heard but never seen, there is also one with a nucleus of honey.


Gustav says that *Chèvre Coeur Gourmand Marrons* with its fresh and light sweetness and its fabulous cheesecake-fluff like texture will easily win the hearts of your Sunday afternoon crowd. He says , tough guy that he is, he usually doesn’t live on the sweet side, but happily rates this charm from the French Pèrigord a 12/10 on his cheesecake chart.

Our conclusion *Chèvre Coeur Gourmands* are an ideal afternoon cake substitute but can also be enjoyed as a stylish desert after a luxurious dinner or serve as a fruit yogurt in disguise for your “lean” breakfast.


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