where to shop in…northern Italy


I don’t think it’s breaking news if I tell you that the city of Bologna is the mecca of all things food in italy. When wandering through the streets you will come across one food and cheese temple after the next and it is nearly impossible to pick an outstanding cheese monger.

The Antica Formaggeria Zaratini on Via Guerrazzi 10B [googelmaps] , just a view steps away from the Basilika Santo Stefano puts its focus on just cheese and the friendly patrona is always there to help you  find your pick of the day.

Another great place is the formaggeria Barbieri, situated on the mercato delle Erbe on Via Ugo Bassi 25. [googelmaps]







If you travel by car and are on the way out of Bologna in direction of beautiful Ferrara, make sure to have a little tasting stop atL´angolo della freschezza, Via Cadriano, 27/2, 40127 Bologna BO, Italy [googlemaps]


Of course it´s not only to cheese festival times that you can find outstanding cheeses in this little piemontese town. When in the area, head for “Giolito Formaggia family run cheese store that is well known in all of Italy, mostly sells Italian cheese and also has some impressive creations of its own. [googlemaps]


Spaccio ParmigianoSpaccio ParmigianoA little Mekka of Salumi and cheeses you can find at Spaccio Parmigiano just a 15 minute walk from Cuneo´s Centro Storico. They have a great selection, a lovely service and can advise on all you need. Corso Gallileo Ferraris, 28, 12100 Cuneo, Italy [googlemaps]   
La Formaggeria

Right around the corner of Spaccio Parmigiano is the little shop La Formaggeria. If you can´t find your pick at the Spaccio or still have space in your shopping bag make sure to stop by.               
And let´s be honest  – there is always more space for cheese. Corso Nizza 80  [googlemaps]

Gussago – (Province of Brecia)

Caseificio Artigianale – Formaggi in Franciacorta

right in the heart of the Franciacorta and only a stone throw from Brescia city center you can find the small town of Gussago with its little, well equipped and passionately run “Caseificio Artigianale”. Nicolò Bottoni opened this shop in 2018 and since then hand-selects all the goodies he presents to guarantee the best possible quality for his customers. Gustav says – if you are in the area; Stop by find your favorite cheese of the day and the best companion to go with it. To be always up to date – just follow them on Instagram!   Piazza San Lorenzo 8, 25064 Gussago (BS) [ googlemaps ]


Martiniana Po – (Province of Cuneo)

Formaggeria Val Form

Just a 15 minute car drive from Saluzzo you can find “Formaggeria Val Form”. Here the owner Paolo Bernardi created his dream of opening an azienda and produces cheeses with milk from the valleys of pitoresque Mount Montviso. Although the shop naturally “only” offers their own cheeses the selection is plenty and the cheeses yummy.    [googlemaps]




Saluzzo – (Province of Cuneo)

Casa del Parmigiano

cheese tasting dog style

Run by the passionate cheese monger Franco Parola, who also has a shop at the Mercato Centrale in Florence Saluzzo’s “Casa del Parmigiano” has a lot more to offer than Parmigiano. Cheeses from the area and all of Italy are on display and when you are lucky you can find a stone old *Strachitunt*, a wonderful *Blue di Morozzo* or the shrouded in legend *Seirass del Fen* – Piaszza XX Settembre, 6, 12037 Saluzzo [ googlemaps ]




San Remo

Casa del Parmigiano

ItalyRight in the heart and just on the foot of old town San Remo you can find this little delicacy spot. Casa del Parmigiano offers you cheeses from the area as well as from other parts of Italy. If you are not sure what to pick, they will make sure that you leave the shop with just the right choice for you. Via Palazzo 15, 18038 San Remo, Italy



La Baita del formaggio

La Baita del fôrmagg on Via Lagrange 36, near the central station of Turin has been a delicacy point since 1963. Here you can find Italian cheese at its best. If new to the Piemont area don´t miss to try the famous Montebore. [googlemaps]


Since 1927 the store Borgiattino on Corso Vinzaglio 29 near Turins train station of Porta Susa, stands for best quality cheese of the Piemont and Italy. The store was awarded with the Maestro del Gusto by the slow food community and every month organizes a tasting of some speciality they discovered. [googlemaps]

Latteria Bera – **special tip! **Italy*Latteria Bera* has a long-standing history of selling cheese to the hungry Torinese and 3rd generation owner Chiara is always there to help you pick the right cheeses!
As with most Italian delicacy stores  Latteria Bera not only offers cheese but all the prodotti tipici  you can imagine. You can find it close to the palazzo Reale on Via San Tommaso 13.[googlemaps] By the way – since 2019 *Latteria Bera* is officially the oldest cheese shop in town!              To be always up to date – just follow them on Instagram!

Maybe it is because the pairing of fish and cheese was a long time no-go that Venice by nature does not have a wide selection of cheese shops on offer. If in Venice for a weekend and missing your round friends stop by the Casa del parmigiano  of the Aliani family, which can be found on Via Rialto 214 and Calle del Scaleter, 214. [googlemaps]