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Toma here, Toma there – Toma, Toma everywhere

When traveling through northern Italy and its mountainous regions of the Piedmont and Aosta Valley one type of cheese that will often cross your path is a “Toma”.

It´s a mountainous pal – pressed, and often made from skimmed or partially skimmed milk – who finds his relatives in the French and Swiss “Tomme” who are lurking on the other side of the mountain peaks.

RERUN Cheese 2019 – Italy’s holy grail for cheese lovers!

Not everyone of us can go to *Cheese* this year. So for those who have to stay at home, here some memories of cheese 2019. Some things I am sure have changed, others are still the same.
The festival this year will be even bigger with even more interesting events, talks, tastings and makers and mongers to meet.
Enjoy the read and let´s meet up @cheese 2023 for new experiences and finds!
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