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Cologne who says carneval and cheese can´t be a couple?


As one of the rare fromelières to be found in the area, Dorothee Lehmann runs her shop with a lot of love and passion and offers a wide selection of different cheeses.
At Käseglück you can also order cheese plates  for your special event and, in case your loved one shares your favorite food, a wedding cake made out of real cheeses!
The shop is open tuesday through saturday and can be found on the Dellbrücker Hauptstrasse/corner of Idastrasse 46.   [googlemaps]


In 2015 this store was opened by Patrick Glückler and has ever since been a hotspot  for austrian mountain cheese in the rather flat region of the Rhine-delta.
At the Käseglückler you can also find meat and sausage specialities from hand-picked austrian producers, ensuring an emphasis on animal welfare. 
The Käseglückler can be found on Stammstrasse 87 in Colognes Ehrenfeld district and is a regular at divers market events in the area.   [googlemaps]

Käsehaus Wingenfeld

Located in the old town of Cologne the Käsehaus Wingenfeld is undisputely the oldest cheese shop to be found in this fun city. Founded in 1896 it offers 300 different cheeses from all over Europe with an emphasis on all things Swiss and goat cheese from France. They have their own ripening rooms and also offer seminars. To be found on Ehrenstrasse 90, between Friesenplatz and Rudolfsplatz. [googlemaps]

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