Gustav, who claims he could easily win any beauty contest with any cheese that strolls along, was hiding in the background when the photosession for this creamy beauty took place.

But who knows – chances are he was just intimidated by the full body weight of the •Delice de Bourgogne • 
May I say- rightly so. Being a ‘tripple cream’ representative, this soft, unpasteurized cow’s milk cheese butters you up from all sides. 
The innocent rind, with its light mushroomy-mold flavors and it´s fresh, sturdy creaminess along with the citrussy-acidic tastebud joys fool you into believing to enjoy just a creamy, brie-like friend.

Fact though is, that •Delice• is a truly delightful and decadent attack to your waiste line that is worth every calory you put on just by looking at it.

Gustav rates it 13/10- says he thinks it hints to horseradish and could eat the size of a cow of •Delice de Bourgogne • at any time, any day .

And  for those of you who can´t keep your eyes and taste buds away from Delice de Bourgogne or its relatives even during dinner time, here is a fantastic recipe by renowned Jen Reviews on baked Zucchini stuffed with Chouriço and Cream Cheese. – Enjoy!

beauty Delice de Bourgogne



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