where to shop in…central Italy

Where to shop in …Central Italy


Formaggeria Biancolatte , in via Garibaldi 137 is a must stop-over whenever in Arezzo. Here you can enjoy your lunch in midst your best friends. You can eat them on the spot with a nice glass of wine or take them home with you for later joy.
Open Mon-Saturday 9am-pm, Friday/Saturday also 6pm-10pm, closed on Sundays.[googlemaps]

Formaggeria Il Cacio com’eraon via della Madonna del Prato 97 sells the products their farm creates. Delicious raw milk Pecorini of free grazing sheep to fair prices. The staff is very helpful and friendly. We were lucky enough to also get our hands on a raw sheeps milk “Raviggiolo” that let our hearts beat a little faster 😉

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Open Mon-Saturday 9am-7pm, closed on Sundays. [googlemaps]


The Casa del Parmigiano, run by the passionate cheese monger Franco Parola not only has a cheese store in beautiful Saluzzo, CN where Gustav and I shop when in the area, but also at the Mercato Centrale in Florence. [googlemaps] If you are lucky he will have the Marzolino di Lucardo, a pecorino made using vegetable rennet which has its origin in the 17th century and was put back into life with the help of ARSIA Tuscany, an organization for regional development and innovation of agricultural produce, in 2005.


The Formaggeria Il Pepolino , at Piazza San Marco 43 is a young gem in the centro storico of Prato, Tuscany. It set foot on earth in 2014 and offers a carefully selected variety of mostly tuscan cheeses. Make sure to plan in a little time when on the way to Florence – service and cheeses on offer are more than worth a stop. Open Mon-Sun 9:30am-1:30pm and 3:30pm-8pm [googlemaps]


Beppe e i suoi formaggi (Beppe and his cheeses) –  the name is a given and the owner lives for it. If you are overwhelmed by the range on offer ask for a tasting plate and make sure not to miss out on the wine pairing.
If you are already on your way out of town or just have a train layover, don´t miss the opportunity to stop for a snack at his location on the Mercato Centrale right next to the train station. His main store you can find in the Jewish Quarter on Via di S. Maria del Pianto, 9A/11[googlemaps]


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