Recently food blogger Isolde Bornemann visited us to have a chit-chat on cheese for her podcast *Küchengespräche*.

The podcast focuses on culinary and sustainable food topics and we are very happy and proud to have been one of her guests!
We talked about all things cheese from production, selection and storage and also had a tasting of some austrian delights including some austrian raw milk cheeses by corinthian cheesemakers Nuart Vulgo Hafner.
The podcast is in german and can be listened to on spotify as well as apple podcast.
Last but not least: If you have a faible for cooking and know some german also check out Isoldes website *Küchenfreundin*

sheep podcast
*Schwarzes Schaf* by family Nuart in Corinthia, Austria. The raw sheep´s milk cheese gets coated with sea salt and ash and reminds of Roman cacio e pepe with wonderfully floral and acidic sheep notes. The texture is so versatile that our system gets totally confused with where to put one´s attention first – the liquid, the tender, the soft, the fluffy…? – and finally gives in in favor of pure happy enjoyment. Gustav rates *Schwarzes Schaf* 13/10 and says he wishes every sheep would do that dancing striptease for him. …” 😆🐐🧀😇🐺


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