Gustav says he unconditionally loves almost every cheese, but the cheeses he loves most are the aromatic-,deep-dive flavor ones.

He also says  *Pont-l’Évêque* more than fits into his predator pattern. So let’s investigate.!

Born into the lap of a Cistercian monk *Pont-l’Évêque*s history dates back to the 12th century when monks discovered washed rind cheeses to be a non meaty , yet rich in protein and tasteful add-on to their lent diet plan.

Pont- l´Évêque AOC (appellation d´ origine contrôlée) labeled  since 1976 *Pont-l’Évêque*  gets his slightly orange touch by Brevibacterium lines and pimps up his dress with yet another microorganism-the fungus Geotrichum candidum.

Pont- l´Évêque
In doing so he is less smeary and sticky than other family members but still manages to keep up a threatening smell.

Since 1996 *Pont-l’Évêque* is also in the AOP cheese league and as with other AOP cheeses strict rules are set on the manufacturing- and ripening process as well as on the origin of the milk.

With *Pont-l’Évêque*  50%  of the milk has to come from Normande breed cows who are known for their rich milk and have to be in pasture at least 6 months per year with access of hay for the rest. 


The area of production is limited to the Norman departments of Manche, Calvados, Orne and western Eure and at the current time only 10 dairies are producing this raw- or thermal treated milk fungi hybrid.

It pays off to buy an entire piece – so to enjoy it with a hearty core….
..and a melty bite…


Gustav says it´’s only fair to give *Pont-l’Évêque* an A+ on his barnfloor scent and rates our table companion by Fromagerie de la Houssaye a strong 13/10 for his fun soft-cream texture as well as his almost innocently flowerful and garlicy flavor and encourages everyone to truly go for his tangy rind.


btw: Parings to *Pont- l´Évêque* are numerous. We read that stout goes very well and most certainly a powerful red will hardly crash his will. If you are aiming for something white go for some light chardonnay or, if on Austrian grounds, combine it with a dry, yet sweet and a little peppery Grüner Veltliner such as „Ruppers Thal“  by Weingut Schabl.

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