We always wanted to scan Sicily for a longer workcation but since time is scarce we thought why not hop to Palermo for a few days and breath in some cheesy air as kind of an aperitivo for future travels to come.

Palermo, capital of Sicily and a place that, since its founding in 734BC was repeatedly invaded and battled over. The once Phoenician city saw Greek settlers, was part of the Roman Empire, occupied by Arabs, saw the Norman invasion and said “Hi” to the Spanish and the house of Savoy before it became part of the new kingdom of Italy in 1861.

Sitting on the tip of Europe, almost a stone throw away from Africa Palermo has been a cultural melting pot ever since with art&architecture, food and street-markets still mirroring its past.

When in town make sure to check off the Cathedral, as well as the Norman Palace with its 12th century mosaics in the Palatine Chapel and don´t miss out on the Galleria Regionale with the breath taking 15th century fresco “Triumph of death” as well as  Antonello da Messina’s Virgin Annunciate (1474).

Palermo Cathedral
Palermo Cathedral
Palermo Cappella Palatina
Cappella Palatina, the royal chapel in the Norman Palace with 12th century mosaics
Palermo Galleria Regionale
Galleria Regionale, 15th century fresco “Triumph of death”

But let´s be honest; we are all foodies here and our main premise are markets – of which Palermo offers a bunch. So let me give you an overview of where to go and what to expect.

There are little markets dotted all over the city with mobile vendors of fresh vegetables and little shops with fish, meat and naturally our beloved cheeses. But Palermo also has 3 big street markets at which you can take a whiff of present and past alike and – most important – can fill up your mind, bellies and suitcases with memorable produce.

1. Vucciria

Palermo Vucciria

Vucciria market is located in the quarter Castellammare, one of the oldest parts of Palermo and despite the cities efforts to clean up and modernize the area still lets you breath in the past.

2. Mercato di Capo

Cheese vendor at Mercato di Capo

Mercato di Capo just around the corner of Palermo´s must-see flea market at Piazza Peranni offers Pecorino for your travel as well as fresh vegetables and many food market stalls to sit down and let time pass by.

Palermo Mercato di Capo

3.Mercato del Ballarò

Maybe the somewhat most versatile and biggest of the street markets of Palermo *Mercato del Ballarò* goes on for several blocks and offers household goods, meats, plenty of stall restaurants, veggies and – our personal highlight – on the scene Ricotta production!

Palermo Mercato del Ballarò

Palermo Mercato del Ballarò Palermo Mercato del Ballarò Palermo Mercato del Ballarò Palermo Mercato del BallaròNeedless to say that we shopped until we dropped!

Palermo CheesesStay tuned for our in-sight post on Palermo Cheese shops and the feature of Gustav´s favorite cheese gift – Nerello di Sicilia


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