Gustav says nothing pairs better than 35degress and a cheese of barnyard floor quality and strongly advises to get your hands on ‘Le Petit Vinageois’, a French raw-milk delicacy from Normandy.

Literally translated as “the little wine maker” ‘Le Petit Vinageois’ – despite its name- is in fact washed with the local Angelus beer, a French counter part to the famous Bavarian Wheat pizza dough shape results of a curd that is neither cut nor stirred, but is directly scooped with a ladle in its designated form, hence contributing to the supple consistensy of the paste.

petit vinageoisThe ivory colored offspring of Holstein and Flesmish cows is of a gooye touch and emerges intensive lactic as well as animal notes that somewhat calm down on the palate and leave you with spicy&nutty aromas of freshly milked cows in their nocturne sheltered habitat.

petit vinageois

Gustav says he loves the dry, non-sticky wetness of this 4 week old pal that doesn´t put a limit on his pawful creativity but instead pampers his mind with medieval scents and rates our French table companion a summerful 13/10.


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