RERUN Cheese 2019 – Italy’s holy grail for cheese lovers!

Not everyone of us can go to *Cheese* this year. So for those who have to stay at home, here some memories of cheese 2019. Some things I am sure have changed, others are still the same.
The festival this year will be even bigger with even more interesting events, talks, tastings and makers and mongers to meet.
Enjoy the read and let´s meet up @cheese 2023 for new experiences and finds!

Pastorizia in festival – Picinisco, Lazio, Italy

Pastorizia in festival – Picinisco, Lazio, Italy

Now this is an event no dairy, cheese and lover of life and animals should miss!

For 2 days the little village of Picinisco in Italy’s Lazio region turns into an event ground that promotes the pastoral tradition of the Comino Valley and its mountains.

There will be talks, tastings, a lot of cheese and music.
A great event to connect with other cheese- and dairy maniacs!

Bufala Fest Napoli- Naples, Itlay

Bufala Fest Napoli, Naples, Italy  – it´s the 7th time of the feast!


Bufala Fest Napoli, Naples, Italy -it´s the 7th time of the feast!
The focus of the festival that is organized with the Cosorzio di Tutela Mozzarella di Bufala Campana is on the territories of the buffalo and all things connected to those outstanding animals as well as all products linked to them.

The fête will be a true Neapolitanian, with live music, live cooks, a true Italian-Neapolitanian setting naturally fireworks and most important – cheese!

In recent years as many as 500.000 visitors swarmed the city – make sure that this year you will be one of them!

Note: Festival- and event dates might change.
Make sure to always check with official sites before booking your trip or heading out the door.


1° Festival dei Formaggi Piemontesi – Savigliano, Italy

1° Festival dei Formaggi Piemontesi – Savigliano, Italy

It´s the first time that this competition of exclusivly piemontese cheeses will take place and it will most certainly feature the 10 Italian DOP cheeses that are produced in the Piedmont.

The festival is split up into two days and two places:
Day one, which features the technical part will take place at the  headquarters of the Piemonte Latte cooperative in Savigliano.
Day 2, which involves the crowning of the winners, will take place castle of Grinzane Cavour, which is also the seat of ONAF, Italy´s national association of cheese tasters.

Gustav says he loves the area and the piemontese cheeses more than anything and strongly recommends to join the party!

XXII Fiera Carrettesca – Roccaverano, Italy

XXII Fiera Carrettesca – Roccaverano, Italy

On the weekend of the 24th of June the “Fiera Carrettesca” returns for the 22nd time to the idyllic town of Roccaverano in Italy´s Piedmont region.

*Roccaverano* that was awarded to be one of the “cities of cheese” by ONAF (Italy´s National Organization of Cheese Tasters) in 2022 is home town and namesake of Robiola di Roccaverano DOP.

So on two days you will be able to taste this exceptionally delicious cheese from different producers, listen to music, meet people and greet other cheeses from the area and all over Italy.

Fior di Cacio 2023 – Vallo di Nera, Italy

Fior di Cacio 2023 – Vallo di Nera, Italy

Finally the Fior di Cacio Festival in Umbria is back!

Just a 40minute drive South of Perugia you will find the tiny village of Vallo di Nera that is every year hosting the Fior di Cacio festival.

2 days of excursions, show cheesing and lots of things to taste and see!

And in case you want some prep notes to read upfront – here is the link to the raw milk cheese guide of Valnerina


Caseifici Open Day – Italy

Caseifici Open DAY- an open day dairy event throughout Italy!

At the end of September, on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th, dairies all over Italy will take part in this open day event.

There will be tastings of cheese, wine and other artisanal products as well as guided tours of the dairies and the property around. You will be able to get in contact with the animals, ask questions about the production and the farmer´s daily-life and fill up your shopping bags with all kinds of goodies.

Last year more than 60 cheese dairies in all of Italy took place in this unique event –  a weekend not to miss!



1st Bologna Cheese Festival – Bologna, Italy

1st Bologna Cheese Festival – Bologna, Italy

2023 is the year of the 1st Bologna Cheese Festival and we are certain that it can only be a great event.

The event will take place on the 2nd weekend of February and is aimed to professionals and passionate consumers alike. Naturally the focus is on cheese and the art of dairy and therefor other than cheese tasting there will also be a round table discussion on the present and future of the world of milk.

Bologna is always worth a cheesy visit but with a festival there is almost no excuse not to plan a weekend trip. And – you guessed it – where there is cheese there is also wine. So be prepared for some liquid gems from Italy as well as Austria and France.

Gustav says he wishes we would have time to go this year but says he already marked his calendar for next!

Note: Festival or event dates might change. Always check with official sites before booking your trip or heading out the door.
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