* Dambal ´khacho * from Georgia secretly crossed borders and made it´s way to Vienna !

Unfortunately team formaggiastic cannot travel all the time but lucky us we have motivated messengers who cheesenturous search the world for new tasting experiences!


Dambal khacho

Produced in the mountainous regions north of Tiblisi, around the town of Tianeti *Dambal ´khacho*is made of buttermilk cottage cheese and in 2014 its production and culture were recognized as a monument of intangible cultural heritage by the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia. 

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The cottage cheese gets salted and dried over medium heat to then age for 2-3 months in clay pots where it also develops the characteristic moldy rind. [watch the video on Dambal-Kacho by Natia Leshkasheli, Giorgi Shekiladze in the georgianjournal]

*Dambal ´khacho* is a straight forward guy, presenting a nippy and acidic flavor profile with hints of buttermilk and smoke, packed into a droist paste that manages to dissolve into its very last grain.

Gustav rates Dambal-khacho 12/10 and says that tomorrow he wants to enjoy him according to Georgian rules by first cooking him in melted butter.
Oh boy😂 – good thing the rind is said to save our vessels from cholesterol attacks!



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