Chevrin delle Valli di Lanzo – Piedmont, Italy

*Chevrin delle Valli di Lanzo* – raw goat’s milk from the Lanzo Valleys north west of Turin in Italy’s Piedmont region.

The geographical vicinity to France might be reflected in the name and the Saanen goat breed might be originally from Switzerland, the cheese though is pure Italian. 🧀🇮🇹

Chevrin delle valli di LanzoChevrin raw milk
Being a historical product of the region *Chevrin delle Valli di Lanzo* with his sweet and savory flavors, buttery hints of spicy hazelnut and an elastic yet compact paste is an absolute “crave for more” table companion.

Gustav says he especially loves the meat&mold aromas and, full belly up, rolls over for a 13/10 rate on his Sunday cheese-chart board. 😍🐾🐺

Chevrin Lanzo cutChevrin delle valle di Lanzo


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