*  Stinking Bishop * – is not, as the name might imply, a rebellious monks invention of the middle ages who  created a cheese whose name was to hint on his bishops doubtful fragrance. In fact it is a creation of the 20th century and was brought to life by English artisan cheesemakers Charles Martell &Son Ltd. in 1994.

stinking bishop But, being a washed rind cheese “Stinking Bishop” does follow the Cistercian monk tradition of washing cheeses and maturing them in humid caves or cellars. In case of Martell’s invention *perry*, a fermented pear juice typical to the region of Gloucestershire, is used as the bathing additive and the *perry* in use is obtained from the pear variety “stinking bishop” .


For its 8 week maturation and afterward shelfing *Stinking Bishop*,  handcrafted and obtained of pasteurized milk from cows of the Old Gloucester breed , gets dressed in a  beechwood lath, that together with the fermented perry juice helps the cheese to built up his characteristic smells and odors.

washed rind

The texture is smooth, gooey and adhesive but still offers a clean bite. The aroma, depending on age, can be a killer but the flavor is most certainly a charmer.

If you are the patient type- use that virtue and don’t eat the whole piece at once. But if you can’t retain yourself – make sure not to miss out on the rind which elevates *Stinking Bishop* to an even higher level.

Gustav who as usual wishes *Stinking Bishop* would be just a little nastier rates our table companion a strong 12/10 and says that naturally it pairs nicely with a not too powerful red or even a mild Vermouth.

We went a little more experimental and had a fun and successful graze and blaze with a Cartizze from the Veneto. Trust us and try it!


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