BRA CHEESE FESTIVAL 2023, Bra, Italy  -this is the event we have all be waiting for!

This international event of cheese will take place in the heart of Italy´s Piedmont region in the little town of Bra.  Conferences, tastings, guided visits, workshops and other numerous events are waiting for you.

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An event no cheese lover should miss!

Sagra della Toma – Usseglio, Italy

Sagra della Toma di Lanzo e dei formaggi d´Alpeggio – a true italian feast!


At 4.30pm , friday the 15th of July the town of Ussegglio – a 1.5 hour drive north-east of Turin – will open its gates for the 23rd time to the Sagra della Toma.

Until Sunday evening you can taste your way through over 100 food-stands that will offer all kinds of piedmont cheeses and also products from other parts of Italy.

The highlight  is the presentation and tasting of the queens of the valleys – 
The Toma di Lanzo, the Toma del Lait Brusc and all kinds of other alpine goat cheeses.

Who has been in the area knows that there are plenty of awesome things to fill up your belly such as Jams and honeys and delicious salumi, eg. Salami di Turgia, Salsiccia alla Toma, Lardo etc. and I promis you will  find all of them there!

You can attend the “hour as a cheese maker” and produce your own tomino which you can of course  take home to show off to your friends or do a guided tasting with a jury of sensory experts.

And of course – there will be craft beer, piedmont wines and.. music!

Due to Covid-19 in the past many events were moved or had to be canceled. Make sure to always check official sites before booking tickets or heading to an event.


Cevrin di Coazze – slow food, great mood!

It´’s not a secret that Gustav and I are huge fans of Italian cheeses and traveling to Italy is a regular must. This time we were in the Piedmont and found our way to Giaveno about an hour West of Turin where we stopped by *Azienda Agricola Fratelli Lussiana*.


The little towns of Giaveno and Coazze in the Sangone valley are home to Slow food family member     Cevrin di Coazze which is only produced by a handful of cheese makers.


*Cevrin* in the local dialect means a mix of cow’s and goat’s milk cheese and * Cevrin di Coazze * is indeed exactely that. A mix of goat´’s and cow’s milk with a goat´’s milk proportion of at least 40%.

The goats of Lussiana family are Chamois Coloured Goats from the Piedmont valleys (Camosciata delle valli piemontesi), which don’t produce as much milk as eg. the white Saanen breed but are robust and well adapted to the mountainous territory they live in.  The cows are of the autochtone and sturdy Barà cattle breed which is similar to the better known Pustertaler, derives from the valleys around Cuneo and Turin and is unfortunately in danger of going extinct.


With production time limited from March to November when the animals are out in pasture ,dry salted, *Cevrin di Coazze*can be made from raw, thermized as well as pasteurized milk and has a minimum age of 90 days. The evening milk of the cows is completed with the morning batch of the goats and in our case coagulated with the help of calves rennet.

Cevrin di Coazze

*Cevrin* has an unpressed and semisoft paste that melts hesitantly midst its regular eyes and releases notes of spicy mushroom and lactic, nutty pastures, all of which make you feel history, valleys and animals alike.
We paired our * Cevrin di Coazze * with a Barbera d’Asti that manages to cut through the spicyness and brings out the milder more buttery sides of todays guest of honor.


Gustav rates our travel encounter a happy 12/10 and says next time he will also keep an eye on people and landscape and not just the cheese.

Well Gustav, welcome to my world …


Robiola di Roccaverano DOP -don´t mess with Rocky Balboa

With cheese it is sometimes like with good, old friends. You haven’t seen them in forever and all of a sudden your paths cross and it seems like no time has passed. You still can laugh and talk all night and realize how much you’ve missed each other.
Kind of a similar thing happened to us with today’s guest. Long time- no see, and boom!;
Ran into him and immediately fell in love again. *Robiola di Roccaverano DOP* from the Piedmont.

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