Cheese Festival – Svetvinčenat, Croatia

Cheese Festival – Svetvinčenat, Croatia

Cheese Festival and Selection of Miss and Mister Goat, Svetvinčenat, Croatia.
Croatia is well known for their fine goat cheeses and here is the festival to taste the best of it.

Two days of tastings, competitions, live music and a sheep shearing contest will peak in the announcment of the best cheesemaker.


41st Cheese and gastronomy fair – Sainte-Maure de Touraine, France

Cheese and gastronomy fair – Sainte-Maure de Touraine, France

It´s the 41st time that the Cheese and gastronomy fairSainte-Maure de Touraine takes place!

Traditionally the event will take place on the first weekend of June and will also host an interregional cheese competition which is open to all cheese products with an emphasize on PDO goat cheeses!

Gustav says “Pack some empty bags and go!”

Note: Festival or event dates might change. Always check with official sites before booking your trip or heading out the door.
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CAPRINOV international Fair – Niort, France

CAPRINOV , International Goat Show and goat cheese competition – Niort, France

Every two years the town of Niort in western France becomes the place to meet for goat breeders, suppliers of fodder and equipment and after all cheese makers.

In 2018 more than 7000 visitors and delegates from 25 countries made their way to Niort and although CAPRINOV might be a fair mainly for professionals it offers many interesting things to all of us!


Let´s Talk Fromage…

Goat cheese season already started and as promised May will be the month we will introduce some white delights every cheese lover dreams of.

As you all know there are as many variants of goat cheese as there is sand on a beach and therefor our selection was driven by personal cravings, curiosity and a hint of conservatism.

Today we introduce a super fresh and sparkly french gal as well as two somewhat more earnest compatriats. – Curtain up!
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