Just in time for the beginning of summer, today we will finish our little spring excursion into the world of goat cheeses. And since our vacation paths will lead us down South we send a farewell salute to spring with Italian Grandezza *Capriziola Dolce* by Carozzi Formaggi Srl. from Lombardy.

goat cheese

But behold – before we deep dive into today’s guest, a short summary of the past weeks with some hard facts on goat cheese:

  • Depending on area and maker many goat´s milk cheeses are only available from spring to late fall.
  • Goat´s milk has smaller fat globules than cow´s milk; this favors lipolysis (the transformation of fatty acids) and makes the cheese easier to digest.
  • The diameter of goat´s milk caseine micelles is smaller, which makes the matrix more fragile and the curd harder to work with. (This is the main reason that goat´s milk butter is not really a thing.)
  • Goat´’s milk has fewer Caseine but more whey protein than cow’s milk, which means a lower output in quantity. It also contains less salt but more Potassium(K) and Ferrum (Fe).
  • The white color derives from the fact that goats, unlike cows, convert the beta-carotene from the pastures into vitamin A.
  • Goat´’s milk and cheeses smell more intense due to their short- and medium-chain fatty acids that are more volatile.
  • Last but not least, and maybe most important: Goat´’s milk cheeses come in all varieties –fresh, hard, blue or washed and also old. You name it – you’ll find it!

Gustav says with cheese in your pockets you are never alone. Even though one could certainly disagree about the social advantages of a smelly aura, it’s indisputable that with today’s guest you are bound to be a star on every parquet floor. 🕺🧀

goat cheese

Lombardian *Capriziola Dolce* by Carozzi Formaggi Srl is an elegant, refined and creamy Blue who won Silver at the World Cheese Awards in 2014. Made of pasteurized goat´s milk and ripened for 60 days Capriziola Dolce carefully balances her sweet&salty acidity between scents of a wild and fresh barnyard floor.

Gustav, who rates *Capriziola Dolce* a joyful 13/10, says her flavor profile resembles a brioched bed of buttery onion and wild mushrooms amidst a goaty hoof ; 🐾🐺all of which he says makes him crave more. 🙈


*Capriziola Dolce* likes to travel on toasted bread and be paired with a light red or a summery Rosé. Wether you share it with friends or keep it all to yourself the evening is yours!



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