Don’t worry I did not forget that May and June are goat cheese months and I have at least two more posts in mind. But first, as an Amuse-Gueule for a different type of cheese family a short stage dive of someone entirely different – Provolone del Monaco DOP

Maybe you know that over the past two months, I took a class with Onaf – the national organization of cheese sommeliers of Italy.
One of the many cheeses I was lucky enough to taste and fall in love with was Provolone del Monaco, a PDO cheese crafted by Caseificio Perrusio from the Sorrentine Peninsula.

Raw cow’s milk Provolone del Monaco DOP has a designated production area that is tied to the province of Naples and by DOP regulations has to be produced with at least 20% milk obtained from the autochtone Agerolese breed . A breed that, as many autochtone breeds, is not favored for the quantity but for the quality of milk it produces.

The flavor and aroma profile intertwines with notes of butter, herbs and meaty broth and is transported on a cream-what paste with a wonderful clean and lumpy melt.
the name “del Monaco”  by the way does not refer to a town or family it comes from or was in invented by. It derives from the cover used to protect the cheeses from humidity and salt water on their way to the market in Naples. A cover that resembled the coats of Monks.

Gustav – who followed the whole class as a blind passenger under my table🙈– rates our * Provolone del Monaco DOP * 13/10 and says he loves the use of goat rennet that spirals this melon shaped, 6 months+ Pasta Filata into a piquant and spicy hemisphere.🐺🐾

He also says that we found the arch to our next post on goat cheese which you will find right here next Thursday, June 17th. See you then!




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