On our last visit to the Piedmont, at Turin´s central market Gustav and I finally got our hands on
* Murianengo *, a rare find from the upper Susa Valley in the North-West of Italy´s Piedmont region.



The blue Piemontese is produced only during the summer months when the cattle are up on the lush mountain pastures of  Moncenisio plateau, right on the border of Italy and France.




Raw, whole milk *Murianengo* is made the “double-paste method” in which the cooled down curd from the day before is combined with the warm curd of the next. Depending on the maker this process can also involve manual mincing of the (half and half) combined curds which contributes to the rich texture profile of the paste. Pressed and dry salted the cheese is set for a 3-5 month maturation in which the growth of the blue is also boosted through needeling the wheels letting air ventilate into the cheese and thus stimulate the growth of Penicillium.




Behind a hard, irregular rind little curds are clustering together to a risotto-like velvety grain. After a little resistance it nicely melts on your tongue and sets free a variety of herbal and grassy flavors with a strong but balanced peppery spice that reminds of a vegetable broth on dewy meadows.

Gustav rates our dinner companion a strong 13/10 and says he especially likes the (not so) diffident barnyard touch of Murianengo and says he already stuck a little piece under his pillow to sing him a sweet lullaby.


Gustav formaggiastic


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