Summer arrived and it seems like a lot of us this year will either not go on vacation at all or will choose a destination nearby. But hey – this is not the end of the world and many great things can be discovered just around the corner.

Many areas in many countries have so called *Käsestrassen* or *cheese trails* you can drive, bike or walk along. Below we put together a small selection of cheese trails for you – the route is the goal!

Plan your visit ahead and make sure farmers and cheesemakers are there and ready for visitors. If your chosen area does not offer an actual cheese trail, just google for cheesemakers or ask a local cheese monger for an insider tip!

AUSTRIA                  Käsestrasse Bregenzerwald

AUSTRALIA             on the cheese trail

cowsENGLAND               Berkshire Farm and Table

FRANCE                   La route des fromages
[Auvergne, Jura, Savoie, Poitou Charentes, Pyrénées, Île de France, Nord Pas de Calais, Normandie]

goatsGERMANY             Allgäuer Käsestrasse              
                                 Käsestrasse Schleswig Holstein
                                 Hofkäse Milch- und Käsestrassen

ITALY                      La strada dei formaggi
                                 Caseifici Agricoli

sheepSCOTTLAND          ´Scottish cheesetrail 

SWITZERLAND     alpine cheesetrail Engelberg

USA                         California

icelandMost certainly there are many more cheese trails in this world –
Share them with us and we will share them with others!

Gustav says – Keep in mind that cheesemakers also have responsibilty for animals and nature, so don´t forget to keep the distance and better wear a mask!



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