*Vallée d’Aspe* – Fall is an excellent time to have some young and semi-aged cheeses. The animals, no matter if cow, sheep or goat that are in charge of our fall prey graze on mountain pastures or have rich lowland meadows of late spring and summer.
Our pick of the day therefore – a 4 month old raw goat´s milk pal from France.

*Chèvre du Vallée d’Aspe* origins from the Aspe Valley in France’s Pyrenée Atlantique district near the Spanish border in western France.

Aspe Valley is one of three valleys of the Bearn Pyrenees and a rich playground to ca. 40.000 sheep, more than 4.000 cows and – important for our dining companion- ca. 200 goats that troll around the more than 100 summer pastures.

The Tomme style mountain goat meets us with a fun and bouncy crumb-texture whose eyes carry an innocent goat, tightly wrapped in a grassy nutlike finish.
For a foamy ride into a fresh and caramelized flavor zone pair it with a soft and sparkly Prosecco or enjoy it as a standalone gentleman for your breakfast, lunch or as your dinner closure.

Gustav  – who annoyingly always wants to have the last word – says he loves how Goat Cheeses turn white in panic when they see him and rates *Vallée d’Aspe* 12/10 on taste and texture fun.  🍾🥂🐺🐾

Ha! Sorry to break the news Gustav – but fun fact: Goats when taking up ß-Carotene which is in charge of the yellow colour of many cheeses, directly convert this pre-vitamin into a colorless vitamin A. Hence the white body of the cheeses 😉

But don´t worry little wolf- I am sure your *Vallée d’ Aspe* is the exception to the rule.😉😇😎 (and… it’s not even that pale..😆.)


By the way – as many areas also the Bearn Pyrenees valleys have a *Fête du Fromage* – we would love to see you there next summer!


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