Just a few days ago Gustav and presented a cheese from Georgia that came to us via secret paths. But unfortunately not all of our cheese messengers are equally successful and sometimes cheeses get confiscated – or, as we think, rapidly eaten up – by overly correct border controls.

To make a rather long story short: I was frankly harassing a friend of mine who got to spend some wonderful days in Oaxaca, Mexico to bring us back the signature cheese of this Mexican town.

Church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán – now known *Oaxaca cheese* was brought to the region by  Dominican Friars at the beginning of the 16th century.

Being a responsible smuggler and because I wanted to make sure that our new friend would make it to Austria safe and sound I gave all my “how to transport cheese around the world” tips, from dark-wrapping to putting it in a container with a frozen bottle of water for cooling.

tuppa ware

But as you might have already guessed *Oaxaca cheese* unfortunately never made its way to Europe.

As a result we cannot tell you anything about the structure, smell and taste of this pasta filata style cheese, but we nevertheless want to share the efforts that were undertaken prior to its failed travel around the globe. Enjoy the hunt!


no, we don´t deliver pizza!oaxaca

Oaxaca cheese can obviously be found on all the markets!

and is used to pimp up many dishesoaxaca

but unfortunately not all of our friends make it to Europe in the end…

Thank you Lisa for trying and the great pictures! And cheers to Canadian Customs!


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