I don’t know how the past days went for you – but Gustav and I deep dived in WAY too much Thanksgiving deliciousnesses. Duck, Stuffing, Caramel Pecan/Pumpkin Pie – and this just to name a few!
So for our Sunday afternoon snack – we decided for *Ons Genot* and rich flavors without the heavy, fatty components.

Well to be totally honest *Ons Genot* , which literally translates as “our (culinary) pleasure”, does add up to 50% F.D.M. but also scores with a fairly low cholesterol level due to the use of linseeds in the fodder.  Ons Genot

8 months old and made from pasteurized milk from cows fed with grasses high in proteins and sugars, Dutch *Ons Genot* assembles flavors of salty caramel traveling on a dense yet creamy brown butter paste that balances sweet and acidic profiles right into our guts.

Gustav rates “Ons Genot” 11/10 and says he fears that mass matters and he might have completely annihilated the low cholesterol advantages of our Dutch Sunday pal.

Ons Genot

Ons Genot

“Ons Genot” is a co-made product of Dutch cheesemaker “Klaver Kaas” and ripener and reseller “Treur Kaas.”


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