Gustav says „Happy Surf-Turf Christmas“ to all of us and no rating‘s on him today.
I say – Gustav rates 1000/10 and we both wish you a relaxed, safe and extra cheeseful Christmas! 🎄🧀🧀🐾🐺🍾

 It’s Christmas time!

Although this Christmas is definitely not like others and many of us cannot see or visit their loved ones the good thing is….you guessed it – ! *We always have cheese and always have memories of even more cheese!* 

Gustav and I last year did an X-Mas Calendar that we want to share with you. Cheese after all is never out dated and last years cheese, this year might be even better or just as fresh and new as the year before!

advent calendar

Stay home – stay safe! And we will see each other soon in an unlocked world!

As a Christmas countdown we challenged ourselves to present a new cheese every day!
We will also have X-mas present ideas and of course some taste descriptions for easier dinner party show-offs.  Stay tuned! 🥂🧀🍾



Gustav says „Happy Surf-Turf Christmas“ to all of us and no rating‘s on him today.
I say – Gustav rates 1000/10 and we both wish you a relaxed, safe and extra cheeseful Christmas! 🎄🧀🧀🐾🐺🍾



*Schwarzes Schaf*

The definition of ripeness and of the right state in which to enjoy one´s cheese is most probably as individual as the cheeses themselves, but we think if a cheese undresses itself it has reached the perfect state of being!
Thanks to the efforts of we now got our hands on *Schwarzes Schaf* by family Nuart in Corinthia, Austria. The raw sheep´s milk cheese gets coated with sea salt and ash and reminds of Roman cacio e pepe with wonderfully floral and acidic sheep notes.
The texture is so versatile that our system gets totally confused with where to put one´s attention first – the liquid, the tender, the soft, the fluffy…? – and finally gives in in favor of pure happy enjoyment.
Gustav rates Schwarzes Schaf 13/10 and says he wishes every sheep would do that dancing striptease for him. …” 🐐🧀😄😇🐺

schwarzes Schaf


*Fondant de Chevre*
Raw goat´s milk and in our case about a year old from France´s Savoy region, this friend has an elastic paste with a late break that comes with a wonderful, tender melt. It has a light spice that starts off sweet and finishes with a fruity, acidic earth.
Gustav rates *Fondant de Chevre* 13/10 and says the rind is a must add-on as it comes with the extra barn kick one just has to love! 🐐😃🐺




Searching for a regal present for your loved ones? *L’ Imperiale* – formaggio di fossa from the Emilia Romagna might take the crown!
Coated with bay-leaves and ripened in pits in a technique dating all the way back to the 11th century, *L’ Imperiale* puts a touch of treasure under your Christmas tree. 🎁🧀🎄
Gustav rates this •formaggio di fossa• 12/10 and says he and *L’ Imperiale* make a great royal family! 😎🐺🥂




Today Gustav decided for a classic!

*Mimolette* originated in the Netherlands as a close relative to Edamer and in its today version is a famous representative within the French cheese family.
Made of pasteurized cow´s milk the rind gets intentionally inhabited with cheese mites that tirelessly borrow themselves into it, producing neral molecules which are responsible for the lemony flavors found in this northern french delicacy.
*Mimolette* is of a dense structure and loves a Port to tone down its sharp intensity and uplift its butter-scotch notes to an even higher level.
Gustav says he loves the prickly feel of tiny cheese mites in his jaws and rates Annatto colored *Mimolette* 12/10. 😆🐺🐾



Shortly before the holidays we all, in whatever job, are franticly running around, heads cut off, trying to get everything done.
If you still need a Christmas present for someone who loves cheese, follow Gustav on his shelf stroll! 🐺🎄🎁




*Laurenzius extra pikant*
In the very west of Austria, we have Vorarlberg, a region famous for super delicious alpine cow cheeses that I keep buying at the markets but Gustav and I always kill before them getting a chance to make it on our feed. 😇🧀
This one though my colleague from Bregenz put into our advent calendar basket: *Laurenzius extra pikant* whose mild brother won Gold in the 2018 World Championship Cheese Contest is a delicious 12 month old, brined cow’s milk gem by Sennerei Schnifflis that treats us with flavors of light, salty caramel and toasted butter.
Gustav rates *Laurenzius extra pikant* 12/10 and says he loves the soft, melty break and demands that next time I share my glass of wine. 🐺🥂 Gustav – hell can only freeze over so many times…😆




With the holidays approaching in big steps it seems high time to get our systems accommodated to the surge of heavy delicacies rushing in our direction.
Truffle-filled Delice by Michel Beroud from Rougemont in Switzerland seems like just the right kick-start for the holiday food attack.
Many of you probably know Swiss cheesemaker Michel Beroud through his famously delicious and award winning *Tomme Fleurette*, but his *Delice with truffles* is giving it a neck-and-neck race.
2 weeks’ cave-ripened Delice, made out of raw cow´s milk, is filled with a layer of fruity truffle bits that are happily bathing in a Mascarpone cream, and the rind stands in a balanced juxtaposition to its tender paste. *Delice with truffles* comes with almost decadent flavors of sweet, buttery, and nutty fresh grapefruit that instantly make you crave more.
Gustav rates *Delice aux truffes* 13/10 and says that he is happy to surf the Christmas cheese wave. 🐺🌲🏄🏿‍♂️

Michel Beroud



*Ami du Chambertin* by Fromagerie Gaugry, comes in a pasteurized and raw cow´s milk version.
Marc de Bourgone brandy washed with a thin, crusty rind and an elastic, smooth texture it offers powerful burnt and tangy aromas
Gustav rates *Ami du Chambertin* 13/10 and says he plans on stocking up his den so next time, when entering a barn, he will be able to completely blend into the atmosphere. 🐂🐾🐺
(oh boy….😂)

ami chambertin



Christmas is getting closer – time to finally get the present shopping done!

If you are a cheese lover and need a wish list add-on or something for the many people you know who love cheese – how about a glassdome by Sugaar&Sugaar from Bratislava, SK?
I got this as a present a while ago and when having people over use it to beautifully showcase my beloved friends.
Meanwhile, I got to know Milan, designer and mastermind behind the Sugaar&Sugaar product line personally and am happy to give you an impression of how the dome looks while at work.
Sugaar&Sugaar domes come in different sizes and every piece is handmade without industrial helpers. The knob is not glued, but smelted onto the dome and the rim carefully is sanded by hand. The wooden plates and glass knobs are available in different types and colors, and for shipping Milan uses sustainable materials.
All in all, a great gift to yourself or for someone you want to give something special.
Check out Milan’s Instagram feed #sugaarandsugaar where you can find much better pictures, more insights and – most important – find out how to order 😉

sugaar and sugaar sugaar and sugaar


*Selles sur Cher*🐺
Raw goat´s milk and under AOC since 1975 *Selles sur Cher* from South of the Loire river in France matures for at least 10 days before entering the cheese scene. The paste is of a silky and compressed structure that lifts fresh goat and charcoal to a salty, sweet lemon duet.
Gustav rates *Selles sur Cher* 13/10 and says if he didn´t kn ow better he would say one can taste the ocean and the lemons growing right next to it. *Selles sur Cher* he says takes him “sur un petit voyage à la mer”. 🐺🐾🏖

Selles sur Cher



*Formaggio d ´Antigorio Prunent*, a “Toma Ossolana” from Oira, a little village near Domodossola – where by the way you can visit a great Sacro Monte – whose rind gets briefly treated with the pomace of Prünent, a wine made out of a local Nebbiolo grape clone. 🧀🍇
For us this 4 months old, cow´s milk offspring is a memorable cheese meet-up from our visit to Luigi Guffanti last summer. Although the rind has only shortly met Prünents mash, the flavors are wonderfully intense with noticeable hints of fruit and wine.
Gustav rates *Formaggio d´Antigorio Prunent* 13/10 and says for once he would love to taste the wine behind the cheese. 🍷🐺
…Don´t tell Gustav I said this– but Prünent is a definite must try 😇




If you like walnuts and/or walnut liquor then *Timanoix* a neighbouring relative of *Trappe d´Echourniac* from the Dordogne region of France is just the right choice for you!
*Timanoix*   is made out of pasteurized cow´s milk and during his 2 months maturing process gets a daily wash with waltnut liqueur that gives it its distinctive dark brown rind and the nutbacon flavor profile.
Gustav , who loved to play with the elastic paste, rates  abbey cheese *Timanoix*  12/10 and says he insists on a travel to the Perigord for more nuts and cheeses. 🧀🐿🐾🐺




*Red Leicester*
Well – if you think Red Leicester is named after the guy from Leicester who used the wrong autobronzing creme you are actually on the wrong track.
In fact *Red Leicester*, made out of pasteurized cow´s milk and aged for 6 months, gets its bright orange colour by adding annatto during the production process.
It´s said that originally, because Red Leicester by manufacturing is similar to classic Cheddar, annatto was added to distinguish it; but today Red Leicester is a stand-alone cheese and the colour distinction is tradition rather than actual necessity.
Red Leicester presents itself with a dense and moist paste that resembles soft candy and the tender, salty flakes puff out slightly acidic notes that finish in melted butter and lemon caramel.
Gustav rates Red Leicester 12/10 and says with the amount he ate, he is a little scared he might look like a carroty fox tomorrow. 🥕🥕😱🐺

Red Leicester



*La Rouelle du Tarn*
Raw goat’s milk and matured for 3 weeks, *La Rouelle du Tarn* puts light scents of fresh goat in your nose, and when ripened further – as ours obviously was 😉 – builds up a runny paste around its chalky core. The flavors range from misty musk and lemony to slightly sharp and salty notes.
Don´t miss out on the wrinkly rind – it´s wonderfully light, buttery and soft and gives *Rouelle du Tarn* the extra special goat kick. 🐐
Gustav rates *Roulle du Tarn* 13/10 and says he thinks Rouelle is so beautiful he will disguise himself as a running goat cheesewheel for his next dog carnival. “Gustav – just for once…

la Rouelle



I would say – the best way to start your week is with a real queen! 🧀👑
Comté is a worldwide all time favorite. This one was over the course of two years pampered and put into perfection by the Affineurs of Luigi Guffanti.
Gustav rates our Comté 13/10 and says he will immediately run up to the Jura Massif and catch himself one of those delicious Simmenthal and Montbéliarde cows to always have a piece in his cave. 💪🧀🐺 Well Gustav-sorry to break the news, but that´s not how it works! 😄




*Tomino Rustico* – pasteurized cow´s milk and 6 weeks young comes with a wonderful peppery melt!  Gustav rates *Tomino Rustico*  12/10 and me it makes want to travel back to the Piedmont asap! 🧳🚗




*Napoléon* from the French region Midi-Pyrénées got its name from the mountain Penne-Haute that is said to resemble Napoléons nose. 
Pasteurized sheep´s milk and matured for 10 months it presents itself with a fudgy paste that provides a well balanced sweet and salty flavors with butterscotch and grassy side-kicks. 🧀🐑
 Gustav rates *Napoléon* 13/10 and says just for the rare case that he can´t catch one himself, he already put some extra bones in his piggy bank. 🐺🐖



Todays St. Nicholas put a summer memory in our advent calendar!
Piemontese *Montebore* made of a mix of 70% raw cow´s- and 30% raw sheep´s milk is said to be the rarest cheese in the world. 🧀🐂🐑
Its origins date back to the 12th century and in 1489 *Montebore* pleasured the wedding guests of Isabella D’Aragona and Gian Galeazzo Sforza ( nephew of Ludovico il Moro ,Duke of Milan)
Its tower like shape it gets by the curd being put in cylindrical forms of different diameters and the fresh, sea (!) salt treated cheeses then being stacked on top of each other during the ripening process.
*Montebore* which gets matured between one week and 2 months offers lightly sour notes of milk and butter as well as scents of herbs and chestnut and makes a great standalone table add on.
Gustav, who rates *Montebore* 13/10 , says if you manage to wait a little he promises you will be rewarded with the sheep´s milk play an extra taste fanfare. 🎺🎺🐺Montebore



5.  Bagoss d ´Alpeggio – a 36 months old piece of cheese poetry. 🧀📜
Produced only in the area of Bagolino, Lombardy with raw milk obtained from Bruna cows and heated in big copper pots over an open wood fire.
While Bagoss when young tends to stare at you with countless little eyes, with age he proudly presents his body of shardy flakes.
The tangy taste profile, reminiscent of alpine pastures, is as magnificent as its color and fragrance – a result of Zaffron added during production.
Gustav rates “Bagoss d’´Alpeggio” 13/10 and says he doesn´t care what I do, but that he already packed his bags for a trip to Bagolino. 🛵🐺☀️




On our recent trip to Bologna Formaggeria Barbieri dal 1968 recommended this gem by Caseificio Sepertino from the Piedmont – •Toma ai Quattro Latti•

Yes– 4 types of milk: Cow-, sheep-, goat- and donkey´s (!) milk.
Gustav and I were so enthusiastic about the new find that it unfortunately didn´t survive long enough for further description. 🙈
As much as I remember it went like this– Picture taken – Cheese gone! 🧀😇
Gustav (who always claims to remember everything) rates “Quattro Latti” 12/10 and says an actual stew could not have made him happier than this 2 month old potpourri of pasteurized milk . 🐂🐑🐐🐴🐺

Toma 4Latti—————————————————————————————————————-


Bonjour a tout! •Saint Marcellain• AOP from France’s Rhone Alpes, Dauphiné region and in our case made from pasteurized cow’s milk and ripened for 2 months.
Creamy, with slightly spicy acidic notes •Saint Marcellain• makes a great breakfast companion and if survived the daylight loves. a glass of fruity white.🥂
Gustav who rates •Saint Marcellain• 12/10 says he couldn’t help and also ate the pic of Saint Marcellains inner life.😇🐾🐺
Oh boy- Next time we have to hunt for more! I like to let it sit and ripen to spoon consistency but with you in the house that somehow can’t happen. 😆🧀

St Marcellain



Searching for a nice n’ easy but still special table companion?
Then •Al Furmai Mest ed Bulagna• by Caseificio Olmi e Centono just outside of Bologna might be exactly what you’re looking for!
A mix of cow’s and sheep’s milk, and ripened for 40 to 60 days it offers a mildly fresh and sweet lacric taste just right to start a new day! 🧀💪
Gustav rates •Al Furmai Mest ed Bulagna• 11/10 and says he wishes the tomato infused rind would be edible and make him glow at night! • 🐺⭐️💥 “Wait..Gustav…What?… “😂🧀🧀



*Salers* AOP- 4months old and made from raw cows milk in France’s Auvergne region . Salers is a rare find that offers an energetic milky flower flavor mix with mild acidic notes.
Gustav rates Salers 12/10 and silently hums “🎼je t’aime -ma petite Salersienne” 🐺😍Salersienne



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