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Bo Jensen – Rooky to Celebrity, or Everything is Possible

Since the 2023 World Cheese Awards will take place in Trondheim, Norway we think it´s the right time to rerun our talk with Norwegian Cheese Maker Bo Jensen!

Enjoy our interview to find out more about his story, dairy and future plans and watch selected clips from our live chit-chat on the Instachannel of #caseificiagricoli !


Bola de Ocosingo – Cheese Ball from out of Mexican Space

As you know Gustav and I are ambitious cheese-travelers and if it was on us we would do nothing else but hunt cheeses world-wide. Well, we can´t, but lucky us Gustav charmed some cheese-courriers to do the hunt and bring back some exceptional finds to taste and welcome into our *formaggiastic* community.

Today this traveller from afar is *Bola de Ocosingo*- but before going into its specialties let´s take a short glimpse into the history of Mexican cheese making.

Washed rind cheese- washed, smeared and sticky

I don´t know how you feel, but Gustav and I often get confused around the term “washed rind cheese”.
There are long ripened, hard cheeses like *Gruyère* from Switzerland that are called washed rind cheese and then there are the little soft ones like *Livarot* from France that are also called washed rind cheese.

But are they really called by the same name or is it just the result of a category simplification?  The answer is, as so often – “ Yes .. and No”

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