I wanted to write this blog post for a while – but was thinking “who doesn´t know Willi Schmid – Swiss Mastermind of Cheese?
The next thought then was that if one writes about him, one should or probably must write a book.

But I figured both might not be entirely true and therefore for all the people who do not yet know Willi Schmid and his cheeses I share the fruits of my research.

Willi Schmid was born into the landscape he now delivers to us in his high quality products.
Son to a farmer family in the heart of Toggenburg, St. Gallen he soon realized that his siblings will take over the parental business and that he had to break off to new shores.

He took with him –a genetic childhood knowledge of animals, landscapes, hidden nature spots, herbs and how it all functions together.

sheep cheese
<Hölzig Schaf> the woody sheep is one of 3 soft cheese versions that ripen in spruce bark. For soft cheeses Willi Schmid likes to use milk from animals that grazed on the shady sides of the valley because there more aromatic herbs and grasses grow which gives the milk the initial aroma push that is needed for short ripening cheese.

In 2006 he and his wife revitalized in Liechtensteig an abandoned dairy, which over the years managed to win prizes, be served in Michelin star restaurants and maybe most important make us cheese lovers smile when cutting a piece.

His secret?  Passion, discipline, and a lot of talent.

Willi Schmid maintains a remarkable quality control despite producing cheeses of a 2000l+ delivery per day for recipients worldwide.
And he does it in person. He tastes every milk that enters his creamery and decides for which cheese a particular delivery is meant to be, and he controls all his suppliers in a collegial but strict way.
He knows which herd grazed where and what herbs and grasses they ate and for which cheese their milk is therefore meant to be.

Raw, hey-fed brown cattle’s winter milk is turned into a delightful semi-hard cheese that spoils with a crumbly melt while offering microscopic crystals to the tooth. It’s balanced saltiness is carried on a somewhat mountainous-barn intensity that is put into place by wonderful spicy and caramelly roasted aromas.     I personally think that a glass of Prosecco makes a great shotgun driver to this delicacy, but mean dog voices say that I always claim that.

Willi Schmid´s cheese production follows the cycles of nature. In the wintertime no goat cheese is produced because goats don´t have kids then. Meanwhile it´s mandatory that cows leave the barn during the winter months to catch some sun that influences the vitamin D production and therefore the enzymes in the milk.

Naturally only raw milk is used because only raw and shortly after milking the milk is pure and rich in enzymes, protein and fat.

After all it is the milk that makes the cheese and its quality is Willi Schmids #1 premise.

Jersey Blue
<Jersey Blue> using raw milk from Jersey cows that deliver a milk that is high in fat and protein this blue takes a creamy travel down your throat. It offers wonderful nutty and smoky notes and is a great add on to any cheese plate.
The raw milk icon •Mühlistein• delights his audience with a dense yet creamy body, wrapped in a rind that plates an extra texture kick of juice and chard. Gustav rates it 13/10 – says it’s a wolfe’s foresty dream of yogurth and citrus-smoke.  •I say- for the extralicious millstone experience the rind is a must! •

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