I can tell you – there is always one more cheese one has not yet heard of or tasted!
Last weekend while I was admiring the astonishing 5th century frescoes of Ravenna, Italy, Gustav used the waiting time to sneak an oozy gem into our suitcase – Squacquerone di Romagna DOP.

Ravenna mosaic

*Squacquerone di Romagna* is a PDO cheese made of whole cow´s milk of Italy´s Emilia Romagna, namely of the provinces of Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena, Rimini, Bologna and parts of Ferrara (between SS 64 and the river Po).

emilia romagnaIt is a very cheerful table companion that can be compared to Crescenza and Stracchino but has a more liquid consistency and wonderful mild, herbal and citrusy aromas that don´t miss out on a sweet and salty butter play.
Only 6 producers are part of the association of “Squacquerone di Romagna DOP”Caseificio ComelliniCaseificio PASCOLICaseificio SICLACaseificio MAMBELLICaseificio OFFICINE GASTRONOMICHE SPADONI and CENTRALE DEL LATTE DI CESENA

*Squacquerone di Romagna* was granted PDO status in 2012, and according to PDO regulations only four breeds of cows are allowed to be used for its production – Italian Freasan, Bruna Alpina , Romagnola and Pezzeta Rossa – with a minimum of 60% of forage having to be obtained in the designated area.

Squacquerone di Romagna
Soft cheese (formaggio molle) was first mentioned in the 1st century and has been produced, presumably with similar methods ever since. 

*Squacquerone di Romagna* who takes his name from the Romagna dialect word of “squacquerato” (watery, almost liquid) is made with the use of calf´s rennet and the bacteria Streptococcus thermophiles and was originally only produced in the winter months when hot weather couldn´t harm the precious youngster.

But – lucky us – we live in modern times and therefore can enjoy this rindless, soft and oozy cheese who drinks every single drop of  humidity offered in his short ripening time of 1-4 days all year long.

Squacquerone di Romagna

*Squacquerone di Romagna* is a happy allrounder for every occasion and loves a dry white as well as a fruity red.
Have it for breakfast with some tomatoes, as a snack in a Piadine during the day, as a dinner starter with prosciutto, or finish your evening with this pearl-white, creamy beauty and caramelized figs.

Gustav rates it 13/10 – says he wishes our cutting board would be a valley´s ground where Squacquarone could endlessly spread and he could take a deep nose dive for an all-body experience.





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