Gustav and I are truly lucky people – we have messengers of whom some are family, some are friends, and often they are family or friends of friends who go through the effort of shopping and smuggling cheesy delights across borders and oceans for us to taste and share.

Today our table companion is a smoked sheep´s milk Guda from the obviously wonderful Tusheti mountain area in northeast Georgia.


Tusheti Guda is made of milk of the Tusheti sheep and traditionally is ripened in sheep’s skin (Guda=Georgian for sack) with the (short-cut) wooly fur in direct contact with the precious treasure. 


The paste is of a moist, airy fluff which delivers an assertive scent and pungent, funky salt and sour notes.



Combine it with plain tomatoes, cucumber and bread –
find a light red wine and you will have a hearty meal!

Gustav rates our smoked pal 11/10 and challenges the boldest among the bold to join him for a breakfast  feast! 🧀🐺🐾


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