For some people Valentines day is just another day of the year. Others celebrate with flowers, cake and special surprises. We at ** follow the decadent love road of cheese and truffle!

Gustav says – who needs flowers and cake if you can have truffles and cheese! For Valentines he therefore caught *Pavé de Rougemont* a bloomy rind and truffle enriched, raw cow‘s milk cheese by Fromagerie Fleurette from Switzerland for us! 🐾🧀🐂 We rate Gustav 100/10 for being the best Valentine Wolf one can imagine and naturally share his prey with you 💯🕺🧀
If you don’t have a hunting Gustav in the house. How about getting your loved one a piece of *Truffette* by Fromagerie Soréda?  Pasteurized goat´ s milk from France is turned into a crème-fraîche-like fluff of acidic milkyness and just the right hints of truffle and goat. 🐐🧀
My personal favorite on the truffle-cheese barometer:  Truffle-filled Delice. As Gustav’s Valentine prey also by Michel Beroud from Rougemont in Switzerland. 2 weeks’ cave-ripened Delice is made out of raw cow’s milk and filled with a layer of fruity truffle bits that are happily bathing in a Mascarpone cream.  *Delice with truffles* comes with almost decadent flavors of sweet, buttery, and nutty fresh grapefruit that instantly make you crave for more!


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